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Bath Bomb Calm

15mg THC | 15mg CBD

Pleasure Lubricant

170mg THC
10 ml

Releaf Balm 3:1 CBD Rich

600mg CBD | 180mg THC

Releaf Patches 3:1 CBD Rich

30mg THC | 26.04mg CBD

Releaf Patches 1:3 THC Rich

30mg THC | 7.82mg CBD

Releaf Balm 1:3 THC Rich

400mg THC | 120mg CBD

1:1 Repair Cream

146.52mg CBD | 138.69mg THC

Give your body the boost it needs. CBD topicals, including creams and bath bombs, relax sore muscles and release those feel good vibes across your mind and body. With Amuse’s topical creams, you can apply all the benefits of CBD directly to your skin. Whether it's a pinch in your neck from a bad night’s sleep or a strain in your lower back from extended office hours, these topical ointments provide quick, cooling relief. Love CBD so much you could bathe in it? Now you can! Elevate your self care ritual with Amuse’s selection of CBD bath bombs. Simply add your CBD bomb to a warm bath, and soak in the gentle healing power of hemp. Warning! Side effects include extreme relaxation, euphoria, and sleeping really, really well after. The best part? We’ll deliver CBD topicals to your doorstep with can’t-beat value - every single time.