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3 Kings Live Resin Sauce

69.1% THC | 3.5% CBD
1 gram

710 Chem x Grease Monkey #15 Water Hash

70.9% THC | 0.1% CBD
1 gram

Cloud Chaser

73.01% THC
1 gram

Cannabis concentrates exist in so many of the products you already know and love. Whether sprinkled into a joint, inhaled through a vaporizer, or applied topically through a medicated cream, concentrates are sought after for their potency and quick releasing properties. Concentrates are derived from the best parts of the cannabis plant, meaning more pure cannabinoids and less impurities than traditional flower. Also known as cannabis wax, cannabis concentrate can be enjoyed as kief on top of your bowl, concentrate oil blended into your joint, or vaporized on-the-go (popularly referred to as “dabbing”). If you’re looking for a cannabis solution that’s more potent than flower and absorbs faster than edibles, look no further than Amuse’s selection of cannabis concentrates. Simply add your preferred concentrate to your cart and choose the delivery window that works for you - ASAP if you’re ready now or scheduled for a better date and time later.