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ItsPurpl is Jaleel White's continued search for the perfect purple strain. People have been using his likeness as Urkel, and his name to sell cannabis for years but none of these people ever really searched for the true purps…until now. Jaleel has been focused on this process for the past couple of years, and with the guidance of 710 Labs, the results have been phenomenal.

For over 20 years, friends and family have sent me photos of my TV character self plastered across a wide range of cannabis products. The best part: everyone always thinks they’re the first…“Dude have you seen this? You have your own weed!” From eighth jars to rolling trays to rap song mentions, Purple Urkle and I have lived apart like fraternal twins separated at birth.

“Hey? That’s my face!” Did I grow that? No. But I sure wish I did.

Well, we’re separated no more. I never could have imagined a short flight to Oakland back in 2018 would seat me directly next to my future partner and visionary. Our combined teams since then have worked diligently to produce amazing phenohunt results, growing protocols, and packaging, unlike anything purple lovers, are accustomed. For years, purple fans been underserved for so long with such average offerings of anything but real purple. We’re here to be of service with our labor of love, itsPurpl.

Anyone who knows me personally as Jaleel White, knows I am an ardent seeker of curated adventures, big laughs, and excellent food. All three of these interests are enormously enhanced by top-shelf cannabis. Lovers of purple cannabis can be equally adroit in our discussion-worthy appreciation for purple hues, smells, and flavors.

When most people see me in person, it’s become an inside joke, many will whisper, “Hey… It’s Urkle.” But in my mind, knowing completely what I’ve had in store, I only hear itsPurpl. Burrowing my way into an industry not known for diversity or inclusion has been both challenging and rewarding. itsPurpl is committed to debunking all stereotypes associated with modern cannabis, celebrating its many medical breakthroughs and positioning ourselves as the wine of tomorrow for a vibrant generation. It’s not real purple if it’s not itsPurpl is the mantra I can only hope our customers will choose to adopt over time.

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