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Home of the Pure Spectrum Extracts, Apex Extractions is a multi-award-winning concentrate manufacturer. Our expert extractors work hand-in-hand with our cultivation partners to source the best material and process it using our State of California-approved extraction methods, creating a pure and potent product you'll love! The Apex Pure Spectrum Extracts are only available from Apex and provide an unadulterated experience that is second to none.
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Blue Dream Live Resin Airgraft 2 Pod

Sativa Dominant

84.88% THC
1 gram

Amuse’s menu represents California’s widest selection of cannabis products from your favorite brands at everyday low prices. From traditional flower and discreet edibles to tech-driven vaporizers and highly potent concentrates, we offer cannabis products for everyone. If you need something portable and disposable, our pre-rolls are an iconic choice. If you’re looking to feel great without the high, our CBD creams and bath bombs reduce stress and inflammation, while promoting an overall sense of well-being. Our expansive inventory is broken down by strain type (sativa, indica, hybrid, and CBD) and effect (sleep, calm, relaxed, focused, creative, happy, energized) to ensure the exact cannabis experience you’re looking for – every single time.

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