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Albert Einstones

We create products of the highest calibre and we do it all for you. In order to deliver you an unparalleled and uniquely reliable experience, we spend the time and resources to build our products with scientific precision. At the Albert Einstone’s Lab, no element is too small to examine and our product scientists go to great lengths to ensure that every product provides you with the same incredible experience every single time. Equipped with a state-of-the-art organic, indoor cultivation facility, manufacturing lab and expansive distribution network, AE establishes a new standard in the cannabis space.
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El Jointo Gold WiFi OG


30.58% THC
0.75 grams

El Blunto Hash GMO


38.58% THC
1.75 grams

El Jointito Wedding Cake 12 Pack


32.1% THC
3.6 grams

El Jointito L'Orange 12 Pack

39.05% THC
3.6 grams

El Bluntito Mon Cheri 4 Pack

51.03% THC
3.4 grams

El Bluntito Orange 43 4 Pack

Indica Dominant

44.76% THC
3.4 grams
$60.00 $30.00

El Bluntito Mon Cheri Blunt

36.83% THC
0.85 grams
$20.00 $10.00

El Blunto Live Resin Dosiface Blunt

37.33% THC
2 grams
$35.00 $17.50

El Jointito White Runtz 12 Pack

32.24% THC
3.6 grams
$45.00 $22.50

El Blunto Biscotti x Runtz


36.56% THC
1.75 grams

El Bluntito Friendo 41 4 Pack


31.27% THC
3 grams

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