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An Expert Guide to Drinking Weed Wine

Weed infused wine is an alcohol-free, cannabis-infused alternative to drinking vino. A great option for individuals who want to experience the aromas and nuanced flavors of wine and weed without the hangover, THC wine gives users the best of both worlds. With a variety of selections available, consumers can try a few different options to find their favorite.

What is Weed Wine?

Weed and wine may seem like an unlikely pairing, but they go together quite well. They present the benefits of relaxing with a delicious drink in-hand for those who prefer to switch out alcohol for cannabis. And trust us, many people are switching alcohol for weed as the health benefits of making the switch are just too hard to ignore.

Cannabis-infused wine consists of dealcoholized wine that is blended with a THC or CBD emulsion. In other words, cultivators remove the alcohol from the wine prior to infusing it with cannabis so you can enjoy all of the benefits without feeling groggy or in pain the next day. Although it looks like normal wine or wine blends, the flavor differs due to the THC and other cannabinoids or terpenes.

What are the Intoxicating Effects of Weed Wine?

Marijuana, in general, affects individuals in different ways because we all have different endocannabinoid systems, but the other variable that we can control is how it's ingested and the dosing. Your body absorbs THC through your liver and metabolizes it, and the reaction is distinct depending on how you consume it and your individual cannabinoid receptors. Experts recommend starting with a lower dose and consuming it slowly to monitor reactions, as weed products have distinct onset times. For instance, drinking THC infused wine can take about 20 minutes to one hour to kick in, whereas smoking typically takes effect instantly.

Compared to earlier beverages that acted more as high potency liquid edibles, modern weed wine offers a low, controlled dose that is perfect for social gatherings. Rather than perhaps feeling sleepy and non-communicative, weed-infused wine now takes effect within an hour and usually lasts up to two hours with a light and uplifting high associated with it.

Explaining the Infusion Process

The production of marijuana wine begins with a beverage producer, who extracts the alcohol from the wine and then sends the product to licensed cannabis companies that can infuse the wine with THC and CBD. The process of cannabis nanoemulsions (getting the weed into the wine) involves deconstructing cannabis particles to the point where they are soluble enough to blend with liquids without separating. This process is favored among top manufacturers due to its stability and lack of taste, odor, and color.

Prior to this method, weed wine often had a skunky taste or was too sweet to try to balance out the aromas and flavors. However, this process removes terpenes that give off a pungent, funky odor and taste so you can experience smooth full-bodied, THC and CBD wine. After infusion, the cannabis wine is sent to distributors who circulate the product at dispensaries. Certain wines have received awards for their unique taste and ability to draw upon earthy, truffle flavor.

Where to Find Weed Wine

Currently, California is the main provider of cannabis wine. Two of the top weed-infused wine brands include Rebel Coast and House of Saka. Rebel Coast offers cannabis-infused beverages based out of California. Offering delicious low-calorie options such as sauvignon blanc, rosé, and fruity seltzers, the company adds wine-derived terpenes that interact with ten milligrams of THC so you can get pleasantly buzzed. You can obtain it as a California resident over the age of 21 at numerous retailers or order online.

House of Saka is available for delivery for California residents. The brand produces a still and sparkling rosé wine containing 5 milligrams of THC and 1 milligram of CBD per bottle. The Saka PINK blend is made with a variety of Pinot Noir grapes, whereas the Saka WHITE is made from Chardonnay grapes harvested from Napa Valley.

Can You Make Your Own Weed Wine?

You can easily make your own weed wine at home. Preheat the oven to 230 degrees and then break ¼ to ⅛ ounce of weed from into small pieces over a foil-lined baking pan. We suggest some mid-level flower for this. Cover it with another layer of foil before placing it in the oven for 110 minutes or 1 hour and 5o minutes.

After the weed has cooled, crush it into smaller pieces so that it is as fine as possible. Place it into the center of a cheesecloth and tie it well. Next, plug in a crockpot, pour your choice of wine into it, and place the cheesecloth weed bags into the center of the crockpot with the wine. Let the mixture sit on low heat for two hours, but make sure to check the crockpot often to ensure the liquid doesn't evaporate and burn the weed. Turn down the temperature if you have to. Once it's been two hours, let it cool, strain excess weed, and enjoy.

Find the Best Weed Online with Amuse

Cannabis and wine harmonize to create a delicious non-alcoholic, cannabis-potent drink. While Amuse doesn't carry weed wine in our inventory 100% of the time, we do offer LA marijuana flower delivery so you can try the process outlined above and make your own. Shop now and get started today!

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