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6 Cool Vape Tricks You Should Know

As vaping grows in popularity, it is becoming a convenient alternative to smoking weed. Not only will a high-quality vaporizer remove the carcinogens in the smoke, it can also be entertaining to blow out big puffs of vapor and do cool vape tricks.

How to do vape tricks? Here are some of the most popular vape pen tricks and how to do them.

The Ghost Inhale Vape Trick

This is one of the easiest cannabis vape tricks out there. Also called the “Mushroom Cloud' or ‘Snap Inhale', it involves blowing out the vapor then quickly sucking it back in.

How to: Start by taking a drag of the vapor. When it has cooled in the mouth, push it out in one round burst then quickly inhale it back in to create the ghost effect.

See how in this video: Ghost Inhale Vaping Trick

French Inhale

Another option for the best beginner vape tricks, the French Inhale involves both your mouth and nose. After drawing vapor into your mouth, let it slowly “fall” out as you keep your mouth slightly ajar. At the same time, inhale the vapor into your nose, drawing it up and into your nose to create a sort of reverse waterfall.

The Dragon

As the name suggests, this trick involves blowing streams of smoke out of your nostrils and mouth like a dragon breathing fire. Take a long drag on the vape pen making sure to keep it in your mouth and not let it go down into your lungs. Then, exhale forcefully through your nose while also exhaling through the sides of your mouth.

Here's a vape trick tutorials video on The Dragon.

The Waterfall

On top of nose and mouth vaping tricks, here's a cool bottle trick you can entertain your friends with. Inhale a large amount of vapor and slowly exhale it into your glass or container. Repeat this until the glass is full of thick vapor. Slowly tip the glass over to pour the vapor out, creating an enchanting “waterfall” of thick smoke.

Blowing Rings

This is one of the coolest vape tricks in the book. However, it also takes intermediate skill. Take a deep drag of the vapor with your tongue at the bottom and back of your mouth. Keep the vapor in your throat. Next, create an O shape with your lips and make quick pulsing movements with your throat to push the vapor out in O shapes.

This video of ring vape tricks can help you get it right.

The Tornado

This involves a flat surface and an empty paper towel roll (for beginners). Start by inhaling a big amount of vapor. Breathe it out onto the table slowly, or through the roll as if using a pipe. Separate your pinky and ring fingers and place only them onto the table, or place all your fingers together and insert them into the smoke. Rapidly drive your hand up vertically to create the rise and spin of a vapor tornado.

See how this guy does it.

These vape tricks are easy to recreate. Show off your new skills to your friends with these tips and a new vape pen. Shop Amuse to have all your favorite cannabis products delivered right to your door.

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