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Marijuana for Migraines: What You Need to Know

Let's break some myths. Does smoking weed help headaches? The answer goes both ways – yes and no. There are several scientific theories and studies that suggest marijuana helps headaches, but not every headache is the same and not every migraine can be easily cured.

Does Marijuana Help with Migraines?

The U.S. Association for the Study of Pain recently published their studies in The Journal of Pain about marijuana and headaches. Researchers involved in this study have found that the group of subjects who have smoked cannabis repeatedly reported significant headache pain reduction and reduced migraine attacks.

But how does marijuana help migraines? Researchers say marijuana can bring pain relief quickly, but it all depends on the type of strain and the type of headache you're trying to cure. Inhaling weed works much faster than eating marijuana products because your body needs to digest edible products, which takes time. The success rate from inhalation method is nearly 50% when it comes to reducing headaches.

Although the success rate numbers are pretty high, there's still not actual scientific approval of this study. The scientific community is waiting on more solid proof before they can stand behind the claim that marijuana for migraines actually works.

Why Does Marijuana Help with Pain?

Although the mentioned research related to using marijuana for headaches is in its preliminary stage, experts say that cannabis can successfully relax the central nervous system. This relieves stress, which is often the leading cause of excruciating headaches.

There is plenty of evidence pointing out that, when activated, the endocannabinoid system directly reduces migraine pain thanks to medical cannabis or naturally produced cannabinoids. This leads us to believe that using weed for migraines isn't a silly idea at all.

The leading cause of long-lasting migraines is anandamide deficiency. Anandamide is a cannabinoid substance that's produced naturally in the brain. Anandamide is often associated with inflammation and activation of the brain's pain center.

Weed will help reduce inflammation of the protective dura mater tissue that covers your brain, and it'll minimize pro-inflammatory substance release. Both of them are responsible for migraine onset. All these things showcase an apparent connection between marijuana and migraines.

Best Types of Marijuana for Migraines

Thanks to current research, scientists can only theorize that oral intake of marijuana for migraines may be the best method.

Experts advise using the oral intake method first like various cannabis edible products. This helps avoid inhaling smoke into your lungs. In contrast, other people find inhaling marijuana for a migraine to be a much more practical solution since it rapidly helps reduce the pain.

Some of the best-known types of weed for headaches include:

With its low THC/CBD ratio, this strain is popular for relieving pain without getting you high.

One of the toughest to track down, Harlequin is a strain with a strong reputation of being able to numb pain.

Pineapple Express
Although this strain is high in THC (19%) and well-known for being the most delicious type of weed to smoke, it also has the ability to reduce pain.

Northern Lights
This strain promotes relaxation and helps relieve migraines caused by stress and tension.

If you're experiencing headaches frequently, try to relieve yourself from pain using marijuana for migraines. We at Amuse offer an incredible cannabis product selection like numerous edibles, flowers, vape pens, pre-rolls, and many others. When you've found what you need, place your order, and wait for your package to arrive today.

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