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Marijuana Delivery Jobs: Be a Dispensary Delivery Driver

Are you in search of a rewarding career in an emerging industry that is totally booming right now? Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of marijuana delivery jobs by becoming a weed delivery driver with Amuse, the fastest-growing delivery service in the entire state of California.

Why Become a Marijuana Delivery Driver?

Start your new job as a cannabis delivery driver today and earn money delivering medical and recreational cannabis to thousands of customers who will be happy to see you (and tip you). Unlike other types of delivery jobs, with Amuse, we want you to succeed and care about your career. That's why we give you the opportunity to advance your career and learn vital skills that will serve you long into the future.

Cannabis delivery jobs with us require professionalism, flexibility, and a laid-back approach. Here are some of the benefits of exploring marijuana delivery jobs with us:

1. Flexibility
Work when you want. We give you the freedom to set your own full-time hours. All we ask is that you work one day a weekend and have flexible evening hours.

2. The Coolest People
We think our customers are some of the coolest around. Come to work with a smile on your face and enjoy meeting our great customers, but more importantly, enjoy being a part of our exclusive driver family.

3. Be Your Own Boss
Our drivers love their weed delivery jobs because they don't have a micromanaging boss. If you're a self-starter, you may be the dispensary delivery driver for us.

4. Provide a Great Service
Each day, you'll know you're coming to work to provide a valued service thousands rely on to get their medicine. With Amuse, you're making a real difference and giving Americans access to medical and recreational marijuana every day.

5. New Experiences
See new things, explore new places, and enjoy listening to your own music as you drive around completing medical marijuana delivery jobs. Plus get paid hourly, with benefits. What could be better?

This is an emerging industry, and we only expect demand to soar in the next few years. Get in while the going's good and take advantage of these everyday benefits and more. There is plenty of room to move up in our organization.

How Much Does a Dispensary Delivery Driver Make?

We value great drivers, and we want to keep them. That's why a medical marijuana delivery driver at Amuse enjoys a highly competitive salary. California offers a high minimum wage, but we aim to go beyond that. Plus, the longer you drive for us, the more you can make. There's no glass ceiling for our best drivers. In addition, your salary will always be supplemented by tips, which are entirely yours to keep. On average Amuse drivers make $175-$225 in tips a pay period. We also provide mileage reimbursement on top of your hourly and tips that average $300-$400 a pay period. If you're ambitious and want to work for a company that makes it their mission to deliver a premium service every time, we want to hear from you.

Why Amuse?

Why should you explore cannabis delivery jobs with Amuse? We take pride in doing things differently. As the number of marijuana delivery jobs increases and ordering by app grows in popularity, we are committed to continuing to offer an excellent work environment for our drivers.

1. Opportunity
If you're a professional with a clean driving record, let Amuse empower you to succeed. This is an inclusive company that loves to give drivers the chance to build a successful career and also provide a career path for its drivers if they choose to grow with Amuse.

2. Easygoing Environment
Not impossible to please managers here. All we ask is for kindness, flexibility, professionalism, and that you do your best.

3. Passion
If you're as passionate about great service as we are, Amuse is the place to be. Every day is a chance to indulge in your passion and bring joy to our customers.

4. Communication
We always stay in touch with our drivers to ensure they're safe and they know what's expected of them. We love feedback, so you'll always have the chance to tell us how we're doing.

5. Join a Growing Industry
Marijuana delivery jobs are relatively new, but this is a booming industry in the making. By becoming a marijuana delivery driver, you'll future-proof your career.

By working with Amuse, you'll get the chance to work with a company that does marijuana delivery like nobody else. If you want a driving job where you can feel truly valued, let Amuse be your next career stop.

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