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How Much to Tip Weed Delivery Drivers and Why You Should

The popularity of online ordering and delivery of legal marijuana directly to people's homes has increased exponentially in recent years, especially as a result of COVID-19 & weed being declared an essential product. But as home weed delivery increases, what does this mean for the humble driver? Figuring out how much to tip weed delivery, or whether you should even tip weed delivery at all, is a hotly contested debate. So, do you tip weed delivery drivers, and if so, how much?

What is Weed Delivery?

Medical and recreational weed delivery is a booming business, and thousands order their weed directly so they don't need to visit a dispensary in person. Modern weed delivery apps are capable of handling not only purchases and deliveries but can also manage ID verification for security. Think of weed delivery as the UberEats of the marijuana world.

Do You Tip Weed Delivery Drivers?

While you're not required to, tipping weed delivery is the right thing to do. You tip your waitress, you tip your barber, and you may even tip your taxi driver, so why not give the same courtesy to cannabis delivery drivers? While many drivers receive a competitive salary with full benefits, like Amuse Drivers, tips are still a critical part of the equation. Especially in states like California that have such a high cost of living to begin with.

Some drivers even work freelance in the same gig economy vein. If a driver has to make a delivery with a low purchase price in a difficult location, haven't they earned that little extra cash for their efforts? Deciding how much to tip weed delivery drivers can be difficult, but you should always leave something as a token of your appreciation.

Why You Should Tip Weed Delivery Drivers

So, do you tip weed delivery? Our answer is a resounding yes, and here's why:

  • Risk – To tip weed delivery means acknowledging the risk these drivers take. They're often carrying hundreds of dollars in high-ticket items and are at high risk of being targeted for robberies on the road. All to bring you the dank you've ordered!
  • Tip Reliance – The gig economy can be difficult, and every extra dollar helps. Especially for cannabis drivers who are very passionate about what they do, but need to make ends meet!
  • Go the Extra Mile – Drivers always go the extra mile for good tippers! Hand delivery, contactless delivery, through the apartment maze, etc. You name it, our drivers will do it!
  • Personal Touch – Your driver personally handles your package and ensures it arrives in good condition ready to be enjoyed.
  • Work Ethic – Tipping is the mark of a job well done. Keep your driver motivated and happy with a tip each time you receive a delivery.

So next time someone asks you “do you tip the weed delivery guy?”, be proud to answer that you do. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it'll also bring joy to someone who's working a difficult job. More to the point, people tip every other type of delivery driver, so why would you leave your weed delivery guy or gal out of the equation?

Tipping Weed Delivery Etiquette

There's a certain etiquette that comes with tipping in every industry. But how does it apply in the weed delivery business? Weed delivery is definitely not meeting a drug dealer, where you receive a “baggie” in exchange for cash. This is a legal, legitimate business where drivers work hard every single day. Tipping is not only appreciated but customary.

But what's the etiquette when it comes to showing appreciation for your delivery driver? Should you round your order up to the nearest five dollars or the nearest ten dollars? Do you work it out on a percentage basis like in a restaurant? These conundrums can make working out how much to tip weed delivery difficult, but here's our professional opinion on how to go about it.

How Much to Tip Weed Delivery Drivers

Most people agree that an extra 15-20% in tips is a good place to start for cannabis deliveries. You may even want to leave a few extra bucks if the journey was particularly difficult, your driver went the extra mile to answer any questions you might have had, or jumped through hoops to get your order to you (difficult parking, heavy traffic, etc). Of course, if your driver was slow, failed to deliver your order in good condition, or was rude, it's natural that you may want to reconsider how much you'd like to tip.

Tipping Cash vs. In the App

Most modern marijuana delivery apps allow customers to tip the driver in the app, just like with food delivery apps. But should you tip cash or in the app itself? What do drivers prefer?

Generally, it depends on the driver, but tipping via the app is simpler and safer. Within the app, just enter your desired tip amount and your card will be charged. It can also be better for drivers as they're not required to carry large amounts of cash on them while driving with high-value products or late nights driving home after a full shift.

While some companies may take a cut of the tips or pool all the tips together, Amuse is not one of those companies. Our drivers keep 100% of their tips, every time. When you place an order for a home weed delivery with Amuse, you know that your driver gets to keep their hard-earned tips.

How to Get Weed Delivered to Your Home

Now that you're all set to tip your weed delivery, you may be wondering how to go about setting up an order. If you've used any food delivery app, you'll likely be familiar with the process.

Step One – Create an Account

To get started, you'll need to create an account before you can place an order. This can be done online or via the Amuse iOS app. All marijuana delivery apps must be able to verify your ID before you can place an order. For this reason, it's always wise to have a photo ID close by when creating your free account. Keep in mind that it may take a few hours for your ID to be verified before you can schedule your delivery.

Step Two – Shop for Premium Marijuana Strains

Once your account is active and ready to go, you can start shopping. Like any other online retailer, browse different marijuana strains and add the products you like to your cart. Take note, there may be limits on how much you can purchase at once, depending on your state. In California, for example, a single purchase can not exceed 28 grams of whole flower unless you have a Medical Marijuana card issued by the state.

Step Three – Add Your Address and Schedule Your Delivery

Make sure you have a valid address available. In legal marijuana delivery states, this does not necessarily need to be your home address. You can also choose to enter your work address, the address of a family member, or even the address of a friend as long as you provide a photo ID upon the driver's arrival. Confirm your delivery, and you'll be given an estimated window on when your order will arrive. Remember, the dispensary needs time to gather your order and plan your driver's route!

Step Four – Wait for Your Driver

Modern marijuana apps work similarly to food delivery and ridesharing apps. After a driver has been assigned your order, you'll be able to follow them on the map. Live GPS systems mean you'll always know how far away your order is. Feel free to wait for your driver outside to cut down on their delivery time or to save them from having to find parking.

Step Five – Your order has arrived!

After your driver has arrived, they'll hand over the order. Depending on where you are, you may be required to sign for the order and provide identification. Your driver also may need to take a picture of your package to prove that it's been delivered to the intended recipient. If you had a great experience with your driver, make sure you leave a tip. This can be done via the app or in cash upon their arrival.


Tipping weed delivery drivers is considered the norm, and not tipping after receiving a five-star service is bad form. At Amuse, we reward our drivers for providing excellent and so should you. We also make it simple for you to order weed from home via the website or the app. If you're interested in receiving high-quality cannabis to your front door, create an Amuse account and place your first order today.

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