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8 Best Movies to Watch High: The Amuse List

Chilling in the house with a joint and thinking of watching a film? Don't just go for what's popular. A good flick from the stoned person's perspective is very different from what a sober person would enjoy.

The best movies to watch stoned will give you a trippy experience unlike any other, improving your high-time tremendously. What's an example of the best movie to watch high? From comedies to thrillers, we've compiled a few favorites that will have you going, "Whoa!"

Here's our list of movies to watch when you're high.

1. Inception

Does getting high ever make you feel like you can solve the world's most complex puzzles? Then this one's for you. Inception is part of the ultimate movies to watch high. In fact, we bet every list of top movies to watch high will have it in their top three. Just remember to blink every now and then.

2. The Matrix Trilogy

"How did he do that?!" The high might just slow things down for you to be able to explain it. The Matrix Trilogy is a long-loved movie so you've probably watched it several times, but we bet it will be a whole new experience when high.

3. Fight Club

Feel every punch, kick and thud: you're in the Fight Club. If you're looking to get super pumped up, this is a top pick amongst our list of movies to watch while high. After all the build-up of the plot, there's a twist at the end to challenge your high mind: a quality most good movies to watch high have in common.

4. Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

High Harold and Kumar go in search of more dope. The fact that it's funny and relatable is what makes this one of the best movies to watch while high. Adventures are always intriguing, and this one is bound to tickle your funny bone as you root for the awkward pair.

5. Speed Racer

It's been called a sensory overload, which is precisely why we've added it to our list of movies to watch while high. Speed Racer is a 2008 sports action comedy film that provides the perfect action sequences, soundtracks, and cinematography for a vape session.

6. Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

If it's a burst of pomp and color in the film, it will be a trippy session in your living room. Why do we recommend Willy Wonka's world as one of the best movies to watch high? There are elves on the screen, not to mention people stretching and turning color. Need we say more?

7. Scary Movie

Get your heart racing, but also enjoy laugh-out-loud moments. Good movies to watch when you're high usually involve a mix of emotions. You can have both the shocking effects of a horror movie and comedy with this classic. Just make sure not to hold anything you can spill.

8. The Dark Knight

Super high goes well with superhero. You have to watch a superhero flick when high to really appreciate the awesome cinematography behind it. It will feel like watching a well-scripted dance in the action scenes.

See any good ideas from our list of best movies to watch high? Order your weed however you like it and get set for a movie experience like you've never had!

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