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Breaking The 420 Friendly Code!

You're probably used to seeing signs in public places like pet-friendly and smoke-friendly. They indicate that a certain establishment allows visitors to smoke indoors or bring their pets inside. However, there's another code known as “420 friendly.” In this article, we'll break down the meaning of 420 friendly and how it applies in various settings, from apartment listings and Airbnb rentals, to job descriptions and public signage.

What Does 420 Friendly Mean in General Terms?

420 friendly is a way of indicating that people who smoke weed are welcome. It means that you have permission to smoke marijuana in a given setting without consequences. If someone says they're 420 friendly, it means they don't mind people smoking weed in their presence.

To define 420 friendly, we need to go back in time. In the past, this code meant that a business or a hotel wouldn't turn you to the police if you were to smoke a joint. Marijuana's legal status was very shaky in the past, so the code was only valid as the person in charge of the establishment you were staying at. If the hotel owner were cool with you smoking pot and willing to turn a blind eye, you'd be able to smoke without suffering any legal issues.

However, you can now find places with actual legal policies that allow you to smoke your weed without being disturbed. With rapidly changing laws about weed consumption and use currently in process, the meaning of this code will finally become what it was meant to be from day one.

Situations Where You Might See "420 Friendly"

Today, many people know what 420 friendly is, and they're happy to show it. Many online dating platforms allow their users to select the new 420 friendly categories if they're searching for people who are okay with using marijuana.

Additionally, you'll see 420 code in apartment rentals like Airbnb as well. People are finally becoming aware of how rapidly marijuana's legal status is changing, and they're doing everything they can to follow these changes. After all, allowing your guests to relax and smoke a joint after a long city tour is the least you could do to make them feel welcome.

There are even some big companies that openly recognized the importance of the 420 code. These companies tend to inform applicants that they're 420 friendly. This is a game-changer for many people out there looking for a job. Not many people can say that they can smoke pot to relax in between projects at their workplace without being punished.

At this pace, in a short couple of years, everyone will know what's 420 friendly, and how important it is. If laws don't take a turn in another direction, more 420 friendly places will emerge every day.

The 420 code will undoubtedly change how everyone perceives public marijuana consumption. In case you're lucky enough to live in California, you already know the benefits of feeling free to use marijuana as you please.

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